Don’t Let Summer Sabotage Your Weight

yourAZhealth_WeightMgmt_finalSummer is here! For many, summer means kids are out of school and summer activities and travels are underway. Summer can also wreak havoc on anyone trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Whether you’re staying home or traveling around the globe, health experts from the Bridges Center for Surgical Weight Management offer these practical tips for controlling your weight this summer:

Skip Skipping Meals

For many, summer means a break from routine schedules. But with this break comes a tendency to skip meals — whether due to varying sleep patterns, travel, etc. Skipped meals can lead to overeating at the next mealtime. Or, you may have the tendency to nosh on too many snack-type foods in between meals. No matter what you have planned each day, make a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner a priority.

Drink Iced Water

Opt for iced water instead of calorie-filled, sugar-packed or alcoholic beverages. Drinking iced water before each meal helps you feel full, and makes your body work to warm up the water — which burns a few extra calories in the process. To mix things up, try water infused with different fruits, herbs and vegetables.

Get Enough Shut Eye

Getting less than six hours of sleep each night has been linked with higher body fat. Getting an adequate amount of sleep is extremely important to controlling and losing weight. In fact, recharging your body’s batteries with a full night’s sleep helps you burn more calories while you’re awake.

Control Your Calories

During summer months and travel, many people tend to eat out or away from home more often. From a weight control perspective, this can be problematic. While eating out, choose menu items that include fresh fruit and vegetables. Opt for grilled meats. And keep an eye on your portions.

Find Excuses to Exercise

No matter what’s on your summer itinerary, find time to work out. Take a quick walk before/after a meal. Stretch out at home or in a hotel room. Take a dip in a pool, beach or lake. Waiting for a flight? Walk around the terminal. Rent a bike and sightsee. Go dancing. Wherever you go, there are opportunities to exercise.

Whether you are trying to lose weight or maintain your current weight, never lose sight of your weight goal. This summer, make sure that every decision you make — when eating, drinking, sleeping and moving — supports that goal.

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