Steward Health Care Arizona Hospitals Sending RN Support to Sister Texas Hospitals to Help with Houston Flood Relief

Over the next two days, 26 healthcare workers from the Valley will be flying to Texas to give relief to their counterparts that have been caring for flood victims over the past week. Steward Health Care, the parent company of Mountain Vista Medical Center, St. Luke’s Medical Center and Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital, has sister hospitals located in Southeast Texas. Saint Joseph Medical Center located in Houston and The Medical Center of Southeast Texas located in Port Arthur, just north of the Gulf Coast and south of Beaumont are the locations where the Arizona teams are needed most.

“We asked our nurses to see who would want to go as soon as possible, and within an hour, we had 26 volunteers step up to assist,” said Eric Paul, Steward Arizona Market President. “I am appreciative of how many employees we have that are willing to put their lives on hold to go and take care of others. They are not only going to provide medical care but also relief to those who have been on duty at our sister hospitals since the hurricane hit. Our team will allow the Texas team to go home, rest and take care of their families.”

All of the Southeast Texas hospitals have remained open during this disaster with many of their teams working around the clock, not leaving the hospital for days. Their efforts have been truly heroic for the communities that they serve and now it is our chance to serve them.

While in Texas the medical teams plan to stay for a 10-day period and will sleep on cots in the hospitals where they are stationed. Many will fly into the Austin area and then will travel by bus or van for up to 24 hours to reach their final destination.

Our teams here at home in Arizona will remain working together to care for patients and support the families of their coworkers that are leaving. A total of more than 70 medical personnel are headed out today and tomorrow on commercial flights, and the hospitals will continue to work together with the Southeast Texas hospitals to support them in this ongoing effort.

For more information, please contact:

Michelle Stermole, Mountain Vista Medical Center
Cell: 480-382-9041,

Mikaela Hudson, St. Luke’s Medical Center and Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital
Cell: 602-622-3046,

(As of September 1, 2017)